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Unlike other devices such as Apple's 4th generation iOS 4-powerd smartphone, the iPhone 4S comes pre-installed with the iOS 5 right out of the box. With the latest iteration of the Cupertino form's software pre-installed on the handset, you will get to enjoy an assortment of new features that was not available in the past. One of these new features is iCloud Sign in

Basically, this new feature included in the Cupertino-based firm's new software allows you to store anything up in the clouds. It is the company's cloud storing service. This means that you never have to rely on the phone's physical storage space to store your multi-media, documents, and files.

Aside from allowing you to store everything up in the clouds, all of your iTunes purchases can be enjoyed across any of the devices you own running on the latest Apple software. From movies to music and from apps to tools, you never have to download and purchase anything all over again. This means that you can buy stuff on your smartphone and enjoy them on your iPad 2 and the other way around iCloud login

With iCloud on your iPhone 4S, you never have to plug in the phone to your computer to enjoy more from your captured images. Either on a PC or Mac, you can import photos captured on the smartphone from up in the clouds. This also works across other Apple devices.

If your career requires you to keep track of documents, you will never have to worry about cluttering up your devices with masses upon masses of documents. Once they are stored in the new service, you can access them from one device to another. Furthermore, if you update or edit a document, it is updated on any device you might use to access these files to icloud sign in account

Let's say that you downloaded a game on your 4th generation iOS 5-powered smartphone and you upgraded to the latest iPhone 4S. Does this mean that you have to repurchase the game all over again? The answer is no. All the games that you have downloaded in the past can be downloaded again on your new smartphone at no extra charge. This also works across other iOS 5-powered devices.

It is always possible for files to be corrupted on any device. In scenarios such as these, iCloud is always prepared even when you are not. Via Wi-Fi everything is backed up. If ever something goes wrong, you can easily restore everything wirelessly.

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